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Why FotoTime?

  • Why use FotoTime?

    In contrast to sites that just sell prints, FotoTime provides the easiest online sharing features along with a feature set that grows with your needs.

  • Your guests NOT required to register

    We make it easy for your guests to view your photos. Guest registration is not required nor do we spam your guests so we can sell more prints.

  • Upload and share your videos

    As more digital cameras support video, we understand that you want to upload and share your video clips as well as your photos. When you upload a video, FotoTime automatically creates a streaming version. Viewers do not need to download software nor install drivers to view your videos.

  • Showcase your work

    Other sites clutter their site with advertisements to sell prints. Fototime provides an environment devoted to displaying your work. Our uncluttered layout provides plenty of room to display and showcase your photos. You can choose the size of your thumnbails and change your background styles to fit your desires.

  • Secure backup for your photos and videos

    Computer crashes, viruses and other diasters could result in a loss of your photos and videos. With FotoTime your photos are safe and secure. Unlike other photo sharing sites, we do not require that you purchase prints to keep your photos online.

  • Access to your original photos and videos

    With a FotoTime web subscription, you always have access to the original photos and videos you upload to your account. Unlike other photo sharing sites, we do not charge you a pricey fee to download your original photos. FotoTime also provides tools that let you easily download your photos to your PC.

  • Save time, organize your photos and videos once

    Your subscription includes FREE usage of our powerful FotoAlbum software, so you can easily organize and caption the photos and videos on your PC. With a few clicks, upload your photos and data to your FotoTime web account to share. Other sites do not include free photo management software and require you to organize and caption your photos on your computer and their site separately.

  • Share your photos in auctions, blogs and forums

    Easily share your photos and videos on eBay Auctions, blogs, forums and third-party web sites, this is called direct linking. With FotoTime it is easy to generate a direct link to a single photo or a whole album. Other photo sharing sites block this capability.

  • Discounts on Prints and Gifts!

    All FotoTime web subscribers get discounts on prints and gifts in our online store. Our prices are lower than most other photo sharing sites because we do not have to mark up our prices to pay for your online storage.

  • Powerful Features!

    FotoTime is loaded with features that make it more powerful than other sites who just sell prints. With FotoTime you can easily upload and organize your photos into albums and groups. With a few clicks, you can add captions, change security and change the display order. Create your own personal Welcome Page, change your thumbnail sizes and your background styles. These are just a few of our powerful features. Click here to learn more.