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FotoTime Announces Increased Storage Space

FotoTime Announces Increased Storage Space for FotoShare Subscribers

Upgrade gives FotoShare members 1GB of online photo and video storage

DALLAS, TEXAS, Feb 12, 2006 - FotoTime, Inc., a leading provider of digital photo and video solutions, today announced immediate storage space upgrades for FotoShare subscribers. The upgrade doubles everyones storage space allotment while keeping the same low annual subscription price.

FotoShare's online photo and video service provides all the features customers need to upload and share their photos and videos with friends and family. The FotoTime invitation system allows people to easily create customized e-mail invitations that direct guests to view their albums, while providing built in security features to control which albums and photos guests can view.

“With the upgraded storage space, FotoTime now gives people more room than ever before to share their photos and videos online,” said Jeff Kelling, FotoTime CTO. “We recognized that as cameras featured higher megapixel ratings with larger files, people needed more space to share an equivalent number of photos.”

FotoShare lets users do more with their photos than traditional photo sharing sites, and includes online sharing of videos as well. FotoShare also allows users to embed photos on third party websites (called direct linking), and use photos in myspace homepages, auctions, blogs, forums, and other web communities.

FotoShare complements FotoTime's FotoAlbum Pro photo management software through an integration feature called FotoSync. FotoSync allows people to easily synchronize their FotoAlbum desktop albums with their online FotoShare albums eliminating duplicate data entry, and providing an effective photo backup solution.

FotoShare is available now for an annual subscription price of $23.95. For more information or for a FotoShare 30 day free trial, visit

About FotoTime, Inc.

Founded in 1999, FotoTime is one of the leading innovators in digital photo and video solutions designed to handle the entire digital image lifecycle. FotoTime's integrated solution set includes FotoAlbum Pro for organizing and managing photos on the computer, FotoShare for sharing photos online with friends and family, FotoStudio for setting up an online photography storefront, and a digital lab for print and gift order processing. FotoTime delivers products to customers in more than 80 countries through an Internet distribution. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. More information about FotoTime is available at