FotoShare Features


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FotoShare Features

Upload photos and videos

  • Several ways to upload photos and videos to your account.
  • Upload photo batches using our java (Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla) or ActiveX uploaders (Internet Explorer), or use your browser to upload photos and videos using the standard browse/upload method.
  • E-Mail photos and videos to FotoShare and have them automatically added to your account.
  • Upload photos and videos from your cell phone.
  • Upload photos and videos from the Mac using our third-party tools.
  • Upload your photos and videos using FotoAlbum Pro.
  • Wirelessly upload your photos using the Eye-Fi SD card.

Organize photos and videos

  • Organize photos into albums and groups (sub-albums).
  • Add captions to describe your photos.
  • Rotate photos that are uploaded with incorrect orientation.
  • Control the security of each photo.
  • Change the display order of your photos and videos.
  • Add text/html to describe your albums.

Share photos and videos

  • Use our invitation system to invite friends and family to view your photos and videos.
  • Guests not required to register nor do we spam your guests.
  • Control what photos your guests see using the FotoShare security system.
  • Use photos and videos in message boards, web forums, and eBay auctions.
  • Store e-mail addresses in the online address book.
  • Know which albums are popular using the album activity statistics.

Do more with your photos

Showcase your photos and videos

  • Advertising Free for paid subscribers!
  • Choose your thumbnail sizes.
  • Create a "Welcome" page as an entry to your albums.
  • Choose whether or not to display captions below thumbnails.
  • Control transition between pictures in the slideshow.
  • Change your background styles.

Organize once with FotoAlbum Pro

  • Organize your pictures on your PC with FotoAlbum Pro.
  • With a few mouse clicks, upload your pictures and organization to your FotoShare web account.
  • Paid subscribers can use FotoAlbum Subscriber Edition for FREE.
  • Paid subscribers get discounts on FotoAlbum Pro upgrade.

Buy prints and gifts

  • Buy prints in all popular sizes.
  • Discounts on all prints and gifts.
  • Choose from glossy or matte finish.
  • Create mugs, t-shirts, and other gifts from your photos.
  • Design holiday greeting cards from your photos.