Using Pictures in Auctions

FotoTime photo hosting for auctions

  • Create auctions from with FotoTime using the auction wizard.
  • Use as many pictures as you want for each auction.
  • Enough online storage to upload thousands of photos.
  • Huge monthly bandwidth allotment.
  • Watermarking system so you can copyright your pictures.

Follow these simple directions...

  • Create your FotoTime Account

    Goto the FotoTime new user registration page and enter your name, e-mail address, and a password, then hit the Accept and Continue button. Click the Enter Account button to enter your FotoTime account and start uploading pictures. Don't forget to check your e-mail for the FotoTime Welcome message and to activate your account by using the link in the e-mail.

  • Uploading Pictures

    We offer several ways for you to upload your pictures including using your web browser, a java batch uploader, an activeX batch uploader, e-mailing them to FotoTime and much more. Select the method that works best for you by using the tabs at the top of the upload page and follow the directions on that page to upload your pictures.

  • Using your pictures in auctions

    We offer two different methods for you to use your pictures in auctions. The first method uses our auction wizard to create the auction and select pictures, and will create and activate your eBay auction for you.

    Alternatively, you can continue to use eBay directly to create your auctions and simply use FotoTime to create the URL to the pictures on FotoTime that you want in your auction.

  • Using the eBay Auction Wizard

    The FotoTime eBay Wizard can create an eBay auction for you and easily embed pictures from your FotoTime account into the auction. To access the wizard, select Share Pictures from the Tools menu, then select Create eBay Auction from the Share Pictures menu.

    Login to eBay

    Click the Login to eBay link to login to your eBay account, then click the Agree and Continue button to return to FotoTime.

    Enter title, category, and pricing

    Enter a descriptive title for the item you are selling, then pick the most appropriate category to list your item in. Enter the other required information including duration of auction, pricing, and your location, then click Next to continue.

    Enter product description

    Select a photo that represents your item. Next, select whether you want to use a gallery photo, and if so, select a gallery photo to use for your item. Finally, enter a description (which can include html) for the product you are selling adding any images necessary to compliment your description, then click Next to continue.

    Select payment and shipping methods

    Choose what payment options you accept, and select the different shipping methods your offer. Once you have provided that information, click the Verify Auction button to verify your auction and post it on eBay.

  • Creating the auction directly on eBay

    You can also use the standard web browser interface that eBay provides or any other third party tool to create your auctions. When using eBay directly to create your auction, you can use FotoTime to host your pictures for your auction instead of the more expensive eBay options for photo hosting.

    On the Enter Pictures & Item Details step on eBay, be sure to select the Your Web Hosting tab in the Add Pictures section.

    In the Picture Web address field enter the address of the pictures you have stored on FotoTime that you want to use in your auction. You can use multiple pictures by separting the URLs for the pictures with a semicolon (;).

    To obtain the address of each picture that you want to use in the auction, login to your FotoTime account, and click on the thumbnail for the picture you want to use. Next select the Create Link option to generate a URL for the selected picture and copy/paste that URL into the Picture Web Address field on eBay.