Custom Domain Setup


Get started today and earn profit from your photos.

Get an easy to remember domain name

By creating a custom domain name, you can create an easy to remember URL to your photos. For example, if your business name is "Joe's Photos", your custom domain can be This URL will then take your customers directly to your photos. Many of our photographers get business cards printed up with this custom domain and then pass out these cards at the events where they shoot photos. This way your customers can easily get to your photos.

Setting Up

Setting up your custom domain is very easy. Just choose a easy to remember code that will make up the first part of the domain. Next, click the "Admin Options" link and then click the "Custom Domain Name" link on the next page. On the Custom Domain setup page, enter your custom domain code and click the Save button.

Example Setup

Testing your Custom Domain

To test your custom domain and see how guests and customers will view your photos, first make sure you are not logged in as administrator by clicking the Logout button at the top of the page. Next, enter your full custom domain (e.g. into your web browser's address field. You will then be viewing your photos in "guest" mode. If you have marked up print prices, added watermarks, or enabled right click protection for your photos, you can now see these features as your guests would.