FotoTime Web Help

FotoTime Web Help


Registration is easy. Use the following directions.

  1. Click on the "Join Now" button on the FotoTime home page.
  2. Fill in our simple registration form. Be sure to provide a proper email address. Choose a password you can remember. Read the "Terms of Service" policy, then press the "Accept and Continue" button.
    E-Mail Address
    First Name
    Last Name
    Confirm Password
  3. Once your registration succeeds, you can either go directly to your FotoTime account to upload pictures by clicking the Enter Account button, or you can download our windows image organizer, FotoAlbum by clicking the Get FotoAlbum button. You can use FotoAlbum to organize and manage your photos on your computer, then use the FotoSync feature built into FotoAlbum to publish your pictures to the Internet.
  4. Don't forget to check your email. We will send a welcome message to the email address you provided which has a link to activate your account.

Login using the FotoTime home page. Provide your email address in the login id field, and your password in the password field.

Press the login button once you have provided the proper information. Never give your password out to anyone. If you want to share your pictures with someone, you can either:

  • Just give them your email address, which they can enter in the Guest Login field. This will let them see your public pictures, but not let them modify your account.
  • Send an email invitation (discussed below) to the people you want to share pictures with. The email includes a link that lets them view your pictures, bypassing the login screen.
Album Navigation

Once you (or someone you have invited to view your pictures) has logged in, FotoTime displays your default album on the right, and a tree on the left which allows you to change albums or groups.

Albums are the highest level of grouping and have a bullet next to them. Groups can be put in albums and can pare down you pictures even further. Click on an album or group to see the pictures they contain.

Detail Screen

You can click on any of the thumbnails to view the picture in greater detail.

The left/right arrows take you to the next/previous picture in the currently selected album/group. The thumbnails next to the buttons show the picture to be displayed when you click next/previous. The "Buy Prints" button takes you to the page to purchase prints of the current picture. The "Buy Multi" button allows you to select a batch of pictures and later buy prints or gifts of these pictures. The "Buy Gifts" button takes you to a page to purchase gifts of the current picture. The "Buy Cards" button takes you to a page to purchase greeting cards of the current picture. The "Print" button takes you to our hi-resolution printing control (if you use Netscape or Internet Explorer on the PC) so that you can print directly to your color printer. The slide show button steps through each picture in the currently selected group and advances automatically every 5 seconds. Press the Slide Show button again to stop the slide show. The "Full Size" button opens up another browser window of the full size picture. The "Info" button gives you EXIF information about the current picture. The "Close" button closes the detail window and takes you back to the thumbnail screen.


There are two methods to print pictures.

  1. From the thumbnail view page, click on the "Print Pictures" link.
  2. Select the pictures you want to print by putting a check under each thumbnail. Then press the print button on the left.
  3. Select whether you want portrait or landscape printing. Then select the layout you want the pictures printed in. Use any of the other image adjustment on the screen as necessary. Press the print button to have the picture printed on your printer. Make sure it is on, online, and has the appropriate paper in the drawer.
Sharing Pictures with Others

Sharing pictures is easy with FotoTime. You simply use email to invite others to view your pictures.

  1. From the thumbnail view page, click on the "Send E-Mail Invite" from the "Share Pictures" popup menu.
  2. The following page appears. First, select what albums and groups you want to give access to as well as whether to give access to view private pictures.
  3. Next, choose the album or group to start in, then pick the people that you want the invitation to go out to. To invite a new person, add the email address and name under "Add an Invitee". To invite a previously invited person click on the address book button and then click the email of the person you want to invite.
  4. Next, enter the subject and message you want, or simply use the default system supplied message. Finally, hit the send button to have FotoTime deliver the invitation to your selected guests.
User Information

Should you find that your user information is incorrect, or your information changes, you can use the user information page to update that information.

  1. From the thumbnail view page, click the "Edit Registration Info" from the "Account Info" popup menu.
  2. When the following page appears, edit the information as necessary, then press the Save button.
E-Mail Address
First Name
Last Name
Confirm Password