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26 users with photos using tag "wildlife"
Images From: Ken Miles
179 images with "wildlife" tag

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Images From: Thomas Olson
154 images with "wildlife" tag

Two big Horn Sheep in the Badlands of South Dakota
Images From: SteveT
110 images with "wildlife" tag

Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Country Park 2/2009
Images From: Joyce Shipp
51 images with "wildlife" tag

My Animals 09 143.jpg
Deer heart
Images From: Stanley Clark
23 images with "wildlife" tag

2014 06 16_2086_edited-1.jpg
Bear I
Images From: Amy Brooker
19 images with "wildlife" tag

Protected and Free7-a.jpg
Images From: Thomas Mangan
17 images with "wildlife" tag

Images From: Michael Klenetsky
15 images with "wildlife" tag

Images From: Kelly Davis
12 images with "wildlife" tag

Moose, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Images From: The Yin Yang Group
10 images with "wildlife" tag

Images From: Kevin Crosby
10 images with "wildlife" tag

Grizzly 399 and 2 cubs.jpg
The famous roadside grizzly mother known as 399 has done it again. Photographers and wildlife watchers saw her for the first time this spring after she emerged from her den with three small cubs at her side. The litter marks the third time 399 has given birth to triplets. Members of her first litter of three include bear 610, which itself has become a famous roadside mother in Grand Teton. Grizzly 610, in an unusual occurrence, adopted and raised one of 399’s second brood of three. A vehicle hit and killed what some believe was a second cub from that litter. Fans of the mother grizzly produced a bumper sticker that’s seen around the valley. “I saw grizzly 399,” it reads. It includes a silhouette of a bear and three cubs, and the words “Grand Teton National Park.”
Images From: Wendy L Wood
9 images with "wildlife" tag

"Macaw Parrot"
Images From: Wes David
7 images with "wildlife" tag

Images From: Ethan Hirsh
4 images with "wildlife" tag

Images From: Richard N DeLiberty
3 images with "wildlife" tag

Images From: Vern Williams
3 images with "wildlife" tag

SUNSET overlooking marina docks at the Bull Creek County Park in western Flagler County, Florida
Images From: Nancy Wolter
2 images with "wildlife" tag

terns enhanced#1.jpg
Fluffing Up
Images From: Jeff Kelling
2 images with "wildlife" tag

Green Sea Turtle.jpg
A green sea turtle swims past a school of Raccoon Butterflyfish near Hawaii.
Images From: Kevin Felster
2 images with "wildlife" tag

#201 30x40
Images From: Katie Hailey
2 images with "wildlife" tag

Images From: Stephen Harker
1 images with "wildlife" tag

Scratching Bear.jpg
Scratching Bear
Images From: Karen Anderson
1 images with "wildlife" tag

Glen Arbor, MI
Images From: Susumu Komatsu
1 images with "wildlife" tag

Images From: Harold Card
1 images with "wildlife" tag

Images From: Belle Ndubuisi D.
1 images with "wildlife" tag

exploration in the forest
Images From: Rick Dimsey
1 images with "wildlife" tag

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