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Images From: Steve Ellwood
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Walther Herwig III inbound to the Port of Tyne, North East England on 16th March 2012. Photographed from Western Quay, North Shields.
Images From: Metodija Gogov
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minhen 8 copy.jpg
Images From: Jeff Kelling
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Images From: Daniel Shepardson
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After many years as a “non-country”, Poland saw its independence in the aftermath of WW1. Evaluations were performed to select an appropriate side arm to outfit the new Polish military. It was no small part of National pride that a design by a Polish engineer was selected. The pistol was adopted by the Polish military in 1935 and designated the VIS Model 1935. The term “Vis” means “power”. The letters “VIS” are embossed on the right grip panel while “FB” is embossed on the left grip panel. The FB refers to F.B. Radom, the factory where the pistol was built. The design borrows heavily from John M. Browning’s M1911. The recoil system uses the Browning type of grip safety, slide stop, and slide safety. The design even uses the same frame mounted magazine release button as the 1911, as opposed to the more typical European heel type release. A major design difference between the 1911 and the VIS-1935 is the 1935’s incorporation of a de-cocking mechanism that not only lowers the hammer b
Images From: SteveT
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Partnachklamm - Partnach Gorge -Zugspitze 18th Sept 1975 gorge at the end of a hard days walk
Images From: Dimitri Moursellas
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On the way to Scandinavia from France we drove north through western Italy, Switzerland and Germany. We stayed in hotels in the countryside and here is one near a forest in Ohlenbach.
Images From: Sound Pharmacy
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Sound healing.jpg
Young, happy woman in a sunny forest with outstretched arms